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Your source for Birkenstock shoes and sandals - quality made in Germany

2shopsTwo Shops ... For your convenience we provide two shopping portals (stores). In case of high traffic and slow downloads you are welcome to switch to the shop that works at a higher speed. Both shops are run by Jestel KG Germany.

free shippingFree shipping... We provide free worldwide shipping.

all catalogsComplete catalog& bargains... Among 10.000 different shoes and sandals from Birkenstock and Birkenstock licensed Brands (Papillio, Footprints, Tatami, Betula, Alpro, Birkis) you will certainly find your favorite style, size and material.

custom made BirkenstocksWithin our large Birkenstock selection you will find more than 500 styles from the new collections and in addition we provide a wide range of Birkenstock bargains - approx. 3000 items. Custom made Birkenstock styles and Birkenstock accessories are also available.

service catalog and giftwrapFree season- and gift wrapping is available throughout the year. Downloadable and offline readable Birkenstock catalogs will help you find the right style.

supportCustomer support is by e-mail, live chat, phone and fax. A newly set up blog provides overall information on Birkenstock, foothealth, fashion, lifestyle, coriosities etc. - You are welcome to actively take part in this blog.

ssl secured trusted storeOur site is secure - your personal data will be encrypted and all information sent during the payment procedure will also be encrypted for your protection. No data will be forwarded to any other company or person.

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