Jestel KG - Birkenstock sizing

Sizes and widths back up

BIRKENSTOCK provides most of its shoes in two different widths. The symbols listed below are often printed on the shoes.

  • regular (normal):
  • medium:
  • narrow:

Sometimes shoes are only available in one width which corresponds to a regular (normal) wide foot. You can choose between:
regular width which fits all normal feet
and narrow width which fits narrow/slender feet. Medium is inbetween both widths. The difference between regular and narrow width is approx. 0.2 mm in the back and approx. 7 mm in the front

All shoes are measured in metric sizes. Using the following table you can convert your sizes to european sizes.

L=ladies, M=men, C=child

mm german size english size US size
120 19 C1
125 20 C2
130 21 C3
135 21.5 C3.5
140 22 C4
145 23 C5
150 24 7 K C6
155 24.5 7.5 K C6.5
160 25 8 K C7
165 26 8.5 K C8
170 27 9 K C9
175 27.5 9.5 K C9.5
180 28 10 K C10
185 29 11 K C11
190 30 12 K C12
195 30.5 12.5 K C12.5
200 31 13 K C13
205 32 1 L1
210 33 1.5 L2
215 33.5 1.5-2 L2.5
220 34 2


mm german size english size US size
225 35 2.5-3 L4-4.5
230 36 3.5 L5
235 36.5 4 L5.5
240 37 4.5 L6-6.5 M4
245 38 5 L7-7.5 M5
250 39 6 L8 M6
255 39.5 L8.5 M6.5
260 40 6.5 L9-9.5 M7-7.5
265 41 7.5 L10-10.5 M8-8.5
270 42 8 L11 M9
275 42.5 8.5 M9.5
280 43 9 M10-10.5
285 44 9.5 M11-11.5
290 45 10.5 M12
295 45.5 11 M12.5
300 46 11.5 M13-13.5
305 47 12 M14-14.5
310 48 13 M15
315 48.5 13.5 M15.5
320 49 14 M16-16.5
325 50 15 M17-17.5


Shoe fit back up
The correct size:
You should get the correct length, if you know the size of the shoes you normally wear. Keep this size in mind and convert it to the german size from the table above. The normal width should fit most of the feet. If you are convinced you have narrow/ slender feet in comparison to other peoples feet then you should choose the narrow width (not available for all products !).

You should have a few millimeters space in the heel and toe areas. Your toes should not press against the cork rim at the front nor should your heel press against the back rim. This will improve the longevity of your BIRKENSTOCKs and give you the best comfort.



Find your correct size by scetching your feet or using our stencils:

back up

We included 2 stencils (4 x jpg pictures which can be viewed and printed with any picture processing
program). These pictures (stencils) show the outlines of Birkenstock footbeds. One stencil is for your right foot, the otherone is for your left foot. There are 4 pictures included - 2 of them belong together.
Please print them out and stick them together. Cut out the marked distance holder and place it upright on the heel
line for men, ladies or children. Now place your feet on the stencil and find out your size and width as shown on the
pictures drawn on the stencils.

Click on the following links to open a new window with a picture of the stencils. Right click into the new window and choose "save image as". You can also print out the stencils directly from your browser: left1 left2 right1 right2

Tell us the size and width you worked out and also tell us your normal shoe size in US-size.
We will check if the size you found out is reasonable and let you know promptly.

Also you could scetch your feet on a piece of paper and send the outlines of both of your feet to us via fax: +49
431 8066435 or e-mail: Please do this only if you can not print out the included
How to scetch your feet:
- take a sheet of paper and stand on it.
- let someone else draw the contours of both of your feet if possible
- hold the pen upright while drawing the contours.
- send the scetches of both of your feet via fax: +49 431 8066435 or e-mail:
- our professionals will find out the correct size and width for you.

No matter which way you choose to find out your sizes, you should allways measure both of your feet because
often one foot is larger than the other. Allways choose the larger foot for your shoe-size.